Wraith Recon Revised

Wraith Recon - Episode 4.a and 4.b

The Wraith Recon team sets out to survey the undead population to the east, and determines it is too numerous to count. This is strange as there are more undead present than there were previously living folks.

Next, the group is sent to “rescue” and escort Dr. Eric Harrensson from a settlement in the north to a Wraith contact in Rivermark known only as “Benner”. When found, the doctor turns out to be a woman, Erica, and is somewhat reluctant to leave. She is persuaded and joins the team on their journey to Rivermark (with a brief ambush by Kobolds) where “Benner” is extremely surprised to be found relaxing in the saunas there. After escaping, “Benner” circles back to the inn and escorts the Dr. away without interacting with the team.

Wraith Recon - Episode 3

Red encourages the group to take some time off in the North, exploring a small island in which he is interested. Killing two goblins with one stone, as it were, the Wraith Recon 4 (in its civilian guise) rescues the local village from marauding goblins while at the same time obtaining valuable equipment, including a crowbar of destruction. Unfortunately, the decrepit tower they explore falls over after the magical items are removed, revealing a tunnel encased in ice. Efforts to melt through are initially unsuccessful, and the recon team must return back to base for their next assignment before anything more is learned…

Wraith Recon - Episode 2

The now “banded together” group of Wraith Recon 4 are sent on assignment to the west and successfully uproot a small coven of Praxious who are trying to unleash creatures on the small town in order to “save” them from the invasion and thus gain wider acceptance.

Wraith Recon - Episode 1

The group of misfits are sent out to retrieve lost personal items of the prior Recon group 4, important to the cause. The items (crystal fragments) are found in a graveyard in the devastated eastern lands of Dardarrick. Most are returned unharmed, and are turned into the valuable SpellCom communication lenses.

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